Here’s a Clever Way to Land More
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Become the Client’s ‘Obvious Choice’...

And Pocket an Extra $500 to $900+
on Every Gig

From the Desk of Ed Gandia

950 bucks.

That’s how much EXTRA cash I pocketed on my last white paper project.

I say “extra” because I pocketed $5,000 for the white paper itself. But this $950 was on top of that.

Sure, that $950 is not enough to take my family to the beach for a week.

But guess what? I got that $950 for something I was already doing ...but not charging for!

By charging an extra $950 for this service, I also became a more attractive option for the client. It made it MUCH easier for the client to hire me.

And it made the project run MUCH more smoothly.

What did I do?

I used a “White Paper Plan.” And I charged the client $950 for creating it.

The Project’s ‘Constitution’

A white paper plan is nothing more than a simple 3- to 4-page document that sets out the frame of reference for a white paper.

Think of it as the project’s “constitution.” A foundational document that helps guide you and your client through the process of bringing the white paper to life.

It’s a bit like a creative brief. But it’s specifically tailored for a white paper project. And there are several good reasons why they’re so helpful.

First off, white papers projects are complex. And they can get off track quickly.

Clients could introduce new reviewers to the mix. The topic, objective or timeline could shift. So could the direction, document length or target audience.

And before you know it, you’re in “white paper hell.” And you can’t get out!

A white paper plan (when done right and positioned effectively) can help prevent all these problems.

Makes It Easier for
the Client to Hire You!

But that’s not all. A white paper plan makes it much easier for a client to hire you. And there are a couple of reasons for that.

First, it gives the client an easy, low-risk way to try you out.

Think about it. The client spends just $500 to $900 to have you write the plan. Which gives them a better feel for what it’s like to work with you.

Which makes it much easier to award you the full white paper project at $2,500 to $6,000 (on top of what they’ve already paid you to write the plan).

Second, a white paper plan is a less expensive option to get started with.

And here’s why...

Say the client is comparing you to another writer. And that other writer quoted $5,000 to write the full white paper. He or she will want a 50% deposit up front, which is standard practice.

That means the client has to risk $2,500 on a writer they’ve never worked with!

Your offer is different. You’re proposing a white paper plan as the first step. Your fee? Just $750, payable upfront.

So your client has two choices:

A) To get started with the other writer, she needs to shell out $2,500.

B) To get started with you, she’d need to pay just $750.

Everything else being equal, you’re the lowest-risk option. So you get the project.

And once the client experiences what it’s like to work with you, the chances of her giving you the full white paper project go WAY up!

Here’s the best part...

Your fee for the white paper may very well be the same as the other writer’s. But the cost of getting started with you was much lower.

So you gained a big advantage over the other writer!

Copy Gordon’s Planning Process
(and Steal His Template!)


I started doing white paper plans in 2013. I charge $950 for a plan. And it’s something I require on every white paper I’m hired to write.

Want to know how to put one together? And how to price, sell, create and deliver a plan your client will love — while pocketing $500 to $950 for each plan you write?

Then you’ll want to join my home-study master class:

How to Pocket an Extra $900
on Every White Paper —
and Gain a Competitive Edge
Over Other Writers


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What Students Are Saying...

  • Using the process you taught, I've increased my white paper fees from $2,500-3,000 to $5,500-7,000 — that's more than double without even counting the WPP fee.

    My customers don't just pay these higher fees — they're happy to. Happier than they were paying half the price. The process also helps me: Identify prospects that aren't ready or committed to their proposed project; Plan my workload more easily; Get prospects who are 'on the fence' to make a decision, and; Produce higher quality work than I did previously.

    It also helps customers feel better about the money they invested, which is essential — not just for repeat business, but because it encourages them to invest more in promoting and using the finished white paper.

    There are a lot of low-quality courses out there for freelance copywriters, and most people have been stung at some point. It's hard to know who to trust with your hard-earned money. In this case, I think you seriously undercharged for the course — it was one of the most impactful in terms of business results I've ever taken and should be added to the list of essential courses for B2B copywriters.

    Thanks for opening my eyes to a better way of planning and selling a white paper project.
    Name Pete Hugh B2B Technology Copywriter
Liz Farr Liz Farr, Farr Communications

Within 90 minutes of the end of the webinar on white paper plans, I
found myself on the phone with a prospect who wants web copy and a white
paper. So I'll be putting what I learned into action immediately! I'll
be sending him a proposal that includes a WPP, so I could make my
investment back almost immediately.

And best of all, he found me online and sent me a message through the
Contact Me form I put on my website only about 2 weeks ago. Now my
website isn't even close to done - I still don't have a nice header or
any color, and only have one picture of myself. But my revised copy from
the B2B Launcher seems to have done the trick!

Judith Blaeske Judith Blaeske

It was just like Graham and Ed were sitting in my study talking to me about white paper plans.  I learned a great deal - and will continue to learn from the handouts and transcripts.  What a gem in my reference library!

Carolyn Heneghan, New Orleans, LA

This class has revolutionized my way of thinking about white papers, particularly how to pitch them to clients, which is arguably the most crucial part of the exchange. I'm so excited to start applying what I've learned and take my business to the next level!

John Cole, Turin, Italy

The class presentation and the handout materials were all extremely useful, especially the template. I felt I got everything I needed to put this strategy to work.

Pat Casello-Maddox Pat Casello-Maddox

The White Paper Plan class provided excellent insights on adding value to my clients and up front revenue for my business. I have been a project manager for a long time, but am new to the B2B copywriting field. I found the template and tips on how to approach different clients before creating the paper helpful, as well as highly practical. Whether you proceed to write the white paper for them, the plan is a beneficial process for both you and your client. Gordon and Ed, thank you for your generosity and insightful material.

Mike Sweeney Mike Sweeney

If you are at all interested in offering white paper copywriting as a service to your clients, you simply must pay attention to any training Gordon Graham offers. His practical and insightful knowledge will help your own freelance business grow, as I know it will mine. I am changing my own service after taking this class and will build it into my business.

Tim Dietrich, Richmond, Virginia

As someone new to technical writing and who plans to focus almost exclusively on writing white papers, this course was absolutely perfect. The techniques that Gordon shared have given me a lot to think about in terms of how I market my service and pitch white papers to prospective clients. The course exceeded my expectations, and I was amazed at the generosity of both Gordon and Ed as they spent a considerable amount of time after the class answering everyone's questions. Whether you are already writing white papers for clients, or, like me, planning to do so, then I believe you'll find that your investment in this course was money well spent.

My guest instructor is Gordon Graham, one of the top white paper writers in the business.

Gordon is the go-to white paper writer for Fortune 500 companies like 3M, Google, Rackspace, Verizon, and many others.

He’s also the only other white paper writer I know who uses white paper plans on every white paper project.

In fact, I’ve never come across anyone else who uses them. They’re very rare. (And as you’ll soon see, that’s a good thing!)

But these plans enable Gordon to:

  • Land white paper projects faster
  • Gain a huge advantage over his competitors
  • Pocket an extra $900+ on every project

In this master class, Gordon pulls back the curtain on secrets he’s never before revealed outside this class.

He’ll show you what these plans are all about. How to structure them. How to price, sell, create and deliver them.

And he’ll do this step by step with an actual template you can copy and use yourself.

You’ll discover...

  • The anatomy of a white paper plan — what items you MUST include (and in what order).
  • How much to include... and where to draw the line.
  • A handy formula to help you determine how much to charge for your white paper plan.
  • Who is the IDEAL prospect for a white paper plan? (It’s not who you think!)
  • How to pitch a white paper plan effectively? And how to get the client to pay your full fee upfront.
  • How to clearly show the client that you’re the lowest-risk option (even if you’re a new white paper writer).
  • How to add value with a white paper plan... and become the prospect’s obvious choice.
  • The 4 “magic” words to help you close the sale on a white paper plan (this one’s priceless!)
  • The 3 potential outcomes from pitching the plan... and how to handle each of them effectively.
  • Gordon’s 5-step process for creating a white paper plan your client will love.
  • The 4 most common pitfalls (and how to avoid them).
  • How to deliver a white paper plan to the client (there’s a way to do this right... and dozens of ways to do it wrong!).
  • How to gather comments and feedback. And the red flags to watch out for.
  • How to easily go from white paper plan to landing the full white paper project. And how to use your plan to draft a solid white paper.

This Is a One-Time Opportunity!

This is an exclusive, one-time opportunity to learn a proven and unique strategy from one of the top white paper writer in the biz.

In fact, this is the FIRST TIME Gordon publicly revealed this valuable information outside this class. It's not even available in his book, his blog or any of his training seminars!

He allowed me to record the session when he taught the class. And he's given me permission to make the recordings available to you through this limited-time offer.

In this home-study master class (100% online), you'll get Gordon’s exact white paper template, which you’re free to copy and use!

As well as...

  • The step-by-step process Gordon uses to present, price, land, create and deliver a winning white paper plan.
  • Two completed white paper plans Gordon wrote for his clients. As well as the actual white papers that followed them.
  • A formula to calculate exactly how much you should quote for the plan.
  • The exact questions to ask your client so you can assemble a top-notch plan.
  • 20 specific tips for managing the planning process.
  • The PowerPoint deck (PDF format) of the class, which acts as a handy set of summary notes.
  • LIFETIME access to the class recording and all the class tools and resources.
  • A word-for-word transcript of the class

Plus all the tools you need to get started with white paper plans (and to start charging $500 to $900+ for them!).

Nothing is withheld.

Choose your payment option below to get started

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2 payments

  • 2 Monthly Payments of $107
Option B

One Payment

  • One Payment of $197

Master Class Details

This is a recorded master class. And it's 100% online.

You get:

  • A copy of Gordon’s white paper template, which you’re free to copy and use!
  • Two actual completed white paper plans + the actual white papers that followed.
  • A formula to calculate exactly how much you should quote for the plan.
  • The exact questions to ask your client so you can assemble a top-notch plan.
  • 20 specific tips for managing the interview and planning process.
  • The class’ PowerPoint deck (PDF format), which acts as a handy set of summary notes.
  • LIFETIME access to the class recording and all the class tools and resources
  • A word-for-word transcript of the class
  • Two prerecorded Q&A sessions on white paper plans with previous students of this class.

Whom Is This Class For?

This master class is ideal for both new and experienced white paper writers.

Already writing white papers? You’ll be able to implement these ideas, strategies and tools immediately… on your VERY NEXT project.

Just getting started? You’ll learn how to accelerate your progress (and boost your fees!) with white papers. You’ll also discover how to gain an edge over other writers, and land projects you would otherwise miss.

Yet to write your first white paper? This class will give you an excellent primer on how to start doing white papers the right way from the start! And you’ll have this invaluable information as a handy reference when you pitch your first white paper project. (Man, how I wish I’d had this information before I wrote my first white paper!).

Return on Investment?

It’s not easy to get the top professional in ANY field to teach his or her secrets publicly.

And this was no exception.

I’ve been talking to Gordon about this class for a while. We went back and forth on it for weeks. The man drives a hard bargain!

Luckily, we came to an agreement. And he agreed to teach this material exclusively to my tribe. But this may be the only time he does this.

Our agreement was for just one live class. But he allowed me to record it. And he's also given me permission to pull the class from the "vault" and make it available one more time to some of my best customers.

We’ve made the registration fee very affordable.

It’s just $197.

Or two installments of $107

When you consider that you can charge somewhere between $500 to $900+ for your first white paper plan, this is a no-brainer.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re an aspiring, new or experienced white paper writer.

You’ll pay for the class many times over on the FIRST white paper plan you do for a client.

Plus, consider that a well-put-together white paper plan can give you a serious edge over other writers.

It can make all the difference between landing that $3,000 – $5,000 white paper project ... or losing it to a competitor who instilled greater confidence in the client.

Enroll Now

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  • 2 Monthly Payments of $107
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Let ME Take the Risk Here...

I’m so confident that you’ll get massive value from this class that I’m willing to take the risk.

Here’s how...

If after attending the workshop you don't think you can multiply your $197 investment AT LEAST 10 times... just let me know within 30 days of the class and I'll cheerfully give you back every penny you paid.

No questions. No games.

Don't miss this opportunity. Once the timer on the top of this page hits 0:00, the class and all accompanying materials will go back in my vault indefinitely. So register today by clicking the button below.

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2 payments

  • 2 Monthly Payments of $107
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To your success,


Ed Gandia
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