Attention: writers earning $5,000 per month
(or the part-time equivalent) ...

I’d like to help you double your
income and take more time off...

Just like I have for so many other
established writers and copywriters. 

Fellow writer or copywriter,

If you’re earning $5,000+ a month (or the part-time equivalent), here’s something you may not realize...

Doubling your income ... or taking WAY more time off without negatively impacting your income ... is not as hard as you’d think.

I know it may not feel that way. Especially if you’ve been “stuck” in this income range for a while.

But after personally coaching nearly 100 high-income writers over the past five years, here’s what I’ve discovered...

A few simple adjustments to your strategy and execution can make a world of difference in the results you generate.

Results that create a virtuous cycle. Because they boost your confidence. Which helps you take more and bolder actions. Which generate even better results.

And so the cycle goes.

I’m looking to coach a small group of established and ambitious writers. And I’d like to invite you to join us.

We’re going to work closely together to double your income AND take more time off.

We’ll work together over a 9-month period. That way we can do the deep work required to generate big results. I’m going to analyze your business in detail. And I’ll design a customized game plan for you and your specific challenges and goals.

From there, I’ll walk you through a complete blueprint for getting results quickly. I’ll help you deploy this blueprint in your own business. And I’ll keep you accountable throughout the process.

So yes, we’ll work together very closely. We’ll be good friends by the end. 😉

As I mentioned, I’ve been coaching established writers over the past 5 years. And the results have been pretty remarkable ... and very tangible!

Case Studies of Previous Participants of The 2X Project

Busy Mom Nearly Doubles Her Near-Six-Figure Freelance Income After Going Through The 2X Project. 

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Josh Monen Grows His Monthly Freelance Income by More Than 40% With Less Stress. 

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How Tess Wittler Went From Low-Paying Work to Premium Clients in 7 Months. 

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How The 2X Project Helped Janice Hughes Strengthen Her Market Positioning, Land More Lucrative Clients and Increase the Quality and Quantity of Client Leads. 

Read or listen to the case study.

Katy Davis Nearly Doubles Her Income in 2015 After Clarifying Her Positioning, Raising Her Fees and Deploying a Methodical Prospecting System. 

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Here’s how we’ll work together to get you these results: 

I’ll start by walking you through a very clear and concrete model that’s designed to get you from where you are today to doubling your income (or having more free time AND a higher income).

You’ll then fill out a 18-question assessment that will help me identify your biggest areas of opportunity. I’ll use your answers to evaluate your business through a 9-point diagnostic process I’ve developed.

Based on your results, I’m going to lay out a specific game plan that’s customized for you and your specific set of challenges and goals. And I’ll send you a customized (and detailed) plan of action. Part of your action plan will involve going through some specific training (which I’ll give you). And the rest will involve taking some very clear steps.  

We’ll focus on 4 key areas of improvement: marketing your services more effectively, converting more prospects into clients, growing your business with more profitable work ... and having more freedom 

With marketing, I’ll show you how to position yourself strategically. We’ll make sure your website reflects this improved message. And I’ll work with you to develop a customized marketing plan you can actually follow—something that’s doable for you.  

We’ll focus on getting you more (and better results) from your marketing with less hassle. No need to try 28 different things. Let’s focus on the 3 things that will generate the biggest results as quickly as possible. 

We’ll then work on converting more interested prospects into profitable clients. You’ll discover how to qualify and screen potential clients more effectively (and efficiently). How to quote more confidently. And how to follow-up the right way (it’s all about having a system and being more memorable). 

Our growth training will focus on adopting the right mindset needed to make massive improvements in income and your level of freedom. We’ll dive deep into optimizing the operational side of your business. And I’ll show you how to start commanding higher and higher fees.  

We’ll check in with each other approximately every other week through a live, small-group “momentum call.” You and the other participants can join me to ask questions, get my feedback, discuss a specific situation you might be facing—whatever you need. I’ll also check on your progress to make sure you’re on track. (Accountability is a key component of our work together.) 

As you start getting results, we’ll adjust your action plan to accelerate your progress and build on that momentum. Again, I’ll be with you every step of the way. You will NOT be on your own! 

We’re going to take a “just in time” approach with the training I’ll provide for you — as opposed to “just in case.”

So rather than bombard you with a ton of material (“just in case” you need it), we’ll instead work together to identify and focus on your biggest opportunities.

I’ll then point you to the resources and training that will help you NOW (“just in time”). That way you don’t waste time on things that may or may not be useful.

As you start implementing what you learn and make progress, I’ll point you to more material to review and implement.

In fact, I’ll give you access to anything in my training arsenal that will help you double your income and take more time off.

Again, I’m NOT going to overwhelm you with training. That defeats the purpose. But if I know something will help you, I’ll give you access to whatever makes sense.

We’ll work on a few key things. And any of these has the potential to move the needle immediately for your business.

But my experience is that ONE of these is going to resonate with you and stand out as the BIG opportunity for you specifically... so we'll be able to spend more time on that one with you.

What it's like working with Ed...

Rachel Beavins Tracy Rachel Beavins Tracy , Nashville, TN

“The 2X class was a total game-changer for me. Since taking the class, I’ve signed several new clients, including one that could bring in over $20,000 in business this year. With Ed’s help, I was finally able to nail down my positioning, get my website in shape and create a marketing system that consistently brings in more (and better) leads and clients. The class also gave me the confidence and practical skills needed to better negotiate and close these deals. I feel better than ever about the trajectory of my business, and I highly recommend this course to any established freelancers who want bigger results." 

Lisa Stockwell, Santa Rosa, CA

“The 2X class was a total game-changer for me. Since taking the class, I’ve signed several new clients, including one that could bring in over $20,000 in business this year. With Ed’s help, I was finally able to nail down my positioning, get my website in shape and create a marketing system that consistently brings in more (and better) leads and clients. The class also gave me the confidence and practical skills needed to better negotiate and close these deals. I feel better than ever about the trajectory of my business, and I highly recommend this course to any established freelancers who want bigger results."

Karen Hittelman , Boulder, CO

Hi Ed — Wanted to let you know: I just got off my call with the prospect I told you about in our call the other day -- who had expressed interest in using me for some white papers. Good news - I landed TWO white paper projects right off the bat. He was just brought on as CMO of this company, and says they have NO white paper content. He wants to build up content fast, and says he'll need more white papers when these are done. And potential ghost blogging, to boot. This win was a direct result of the 2X project.

Liz Sheffield Liz Sheffield , Seattle, WA

When I signed up for the 2X Project, my business was stable in terms of income and client workload. That changed about three months into the program, when two of my retainer clients no longer needed my services. That caused a significant drop in my monthly income. Thanks to what I was learning in the 2X Project, I didn't panic. I had a plan and felt confident that with what I was learning, I'd be able to replace that income. I'm happy to say I have replaced it and this month I'll earn more than I was before I started the 2X Project. This program was definitely worth the investment.

Michael F. Tevlin Michael F. Tevlin, Portland, OR

Ed is the kind of guy I know I'd like to sit down and have a beer or a cup of coffee with. He's warm and personable and fun. What you see is what you get. Ed demonstrated all the things I wanted from a coach: He's smart, authoritative (because he's been in the trenches), encouraging, positive, practical and yet always realistic. I'll be using this material for a long time.

Pamela DeLoatch Pamela DeLoatch, Carey, NC

With nitty gritty information on everything from pricing, marketing, niches and sticky client situations, mentoring by Ed and a supportive network of fellow attendees, this class provides the  knowledge and confidence to seek success beyond your current mindset.

Nicole Etter Nicole Etter, Milwaukee, WI

I learned so much from this class. I admit that at first I was wary of the cost investment, but I have no regrets other than the fact that the class is over! I'm going to miss it, honestly. This class has helped me think about my business in a totally different way, and I feel much more knowledgeable and confident about the 'business' aspect of a writing business. Thanks for everything!

Julie Wuthnow Julie Wuthnow, Christchurch, New Zealand

Everything you could possibly need to take your business to the next level. Comprehensive materials in easily digestible formats (including heaps of bonus materials), great support from Ed & Crystal, and a fantastic private Facebook group where you can learn and share with other mid-level writers. Highly recommended!

Laima Rastikis Laima Rastikis, Dayton, OH

The 2X Project provides excellent content for anyone who wants to earn more in their writing business. The class structure worked well, and Ed didn't hold back anything when it came to sharing tips, tools and personal experiences. Putting it all into action will keep me busy for months. It was also great to learn from the wisdom of other professionals in this field through the Facebook forum.

Julie Lancaster Julie Lancaster, Denver, CO

After being a copywriter / business writer for almost 30 years, I've been needing help attracting higher-paying clients. Ed Gandia's 2X Project helped get me moving in a couple of areas related to my marketing, which has resulted in some nice new business. I also have implemented some new approaches for pricing and negotiating with clients. This is an information-rich, practical program with a fun, down-to-earth and clear-thinking teacher. Highly recommended.

Ted Goldwyn , Corning, NY

The 2X program is a high-octane, step-by-step roadmap for building your prospecting machine and taking your business to the next level. Ed truly cares about his students as individuals, and is personally invested in our success. I have already received a positive return on my investment, and expect to double that return in the next 3 to 6 months.

Stuart Matthews, Dubai UAE

The 2X Project helped me zoom in on some of the things I knew I wasn't getting right as a freelancer. It offered solutions, lot's of them, and Ed's guidance takes you down a practical path to implementation of the ideas that will work for you. It's a great toolbox, but remember, for it to work you still have to be ready to get your hands dirty.

Susan Baracco , Kennebunkport, ME

The personal coaching with Ed was worth the investment. Paired with the training audio/content it allowed me to work at my own pace. The changes I've made to my business through this program have been key to increasing my income.

Becky Lawlor Becky Lawlor , Salt Lake City, UT

Ed's expertise and coaching has been extremely helpful in helping me build my business, achieve high-income results, and gain the confidence I needed to keep doing so. In just two years, I've gone from one client to over a dozen and doubled my income. Thanks, Ed. I couldn't have done it without your guidance.

Janice Hughes, Portland, OR

Ed -- I'm sharing a client win. And it's all thanks to the work you do. I had a prospective client reach out to me (inbound prospects! yay!) via email. I replied using the email response you include in The 2X Project material to get him to a phone conversation. It worked! So, then I prepped for the call by reviewing the Wishbone Screening Technique, which moved us through the call quickly and easily. He really dug the positioning you helped me nail down during the program, and best of all, there is a possibility of a LOT of additional work if this initial project goes well.  

But here's the thing. I couldn't have done it without all the great information you provided in The 2X Project. I'm MADLY grateful for all the work, expertise and detail you pour into your programs (2X Project and Warm Email Prospecting being two of my favorites). For almost every business question I have, you provide the answer in one of your incredible resources. Thank you for continuing to do what you do!

Melani Dizon Melani Dizon, Boulder, CO

This program surpassed my expectations, and I rank it in the top 2 of online programs I have taken, which number in the hundreds, I'm sad to say. Ed was accessible, generous, helpful, and provided us with so many scripts and templates that make getting better clients possible. It was in-depth and super practical and I'm certain I'll be referencing these materials for years to come. I could not recommend it more. Fabulous!

Mary Rosewood , Big Timber, MT

After beginning to transform my mindset in session 1, things started to turn around for my business. Fed up with low bids, I boldly asked for double my usual rate for a job, which the client accepted . . . and added another 25% for the rush work. It was eye-opening to see how valuable knowing my worth is!

Rachel Tracy, Nashville, TN

Since taking the 2X course, I've gained the confidence to go after bigger clients and projects. Plus, I now have the strategies and tools needed to win more of the business. My website is in shape, I've ramped up my marketing efforts, and I'm quoting more and bigger deals. All of the bonuses were icing on the cake!

Lisa Mulka, Lansing, MI

The 2x Project is a great motivator to take your business to the next level. The content is informative and helpful, and one of the most useful parts of the program is engaging with other writers who are in a similar position.

Mary Cvetan Mary Cvetan, Pittsburgh, PA

I've learned a lot from Ed Gandia over the years and I knew this training would be worth the investment--and it was. A major draw for me was the chance to network with and learn from other ambitious full-time freelance writers. The conversations I've had in the private Facebook group and on the phone with 2X Project participants have been fantastic. I highly recommend this program.

This coaching opportunity is NOT for everyone. Here’s who I’m looking for: 

  • You’re already earning at least $5k per month (or the part-time equivalent) as a freelancer. If you’re earning more but most of your work comes from just one or two clients, you might still be a fit.
  • You’ve been freelancing for at least one year.
  • Your main profession needs to be writing or copywriting.
  • You’re enthusiastic and have a coachable spirit. In other words, you’re excited to make big improvements... and you’re willing to be coached and to try new ideas and approaches to grow your business.
  • You’re willing to work in a small group. Which means contributing to the conversation, giving occasional feedback to others, etc.

The time commitment is about 5 to 7 hours a week, on average. That includes time to go through my prescribed training, work your game plan and attend some of the momentum calls.

But, ultimately, how much time you spend implementing is up to you. I’ve made the program flexible enough to accommodate busy schedules.

Your investment is $4,497 ... or you’d prefer, I can break that up into 9 monthly installments of $549.

(Oh, and if you're a member of my Academy, I'll pause your Academy payments over the next 6 months.)

Even if you boosted your income by a mere 20% from our work together ... which is completely doable ... this investment would more than pay for itself.

Then again, we’re going after MUCH bigger improvements than that. 😉

The 5 Slots Are Available on a First-Come Basis

In order to keep this experience both intimate and interactive, I'm keeping this group very small. And to ensure that we have a top-notch group, there's an application process.

Spots will be reserved on a first-come basis (pending approval).

If this is something you'd like to explore further, please visit the Application page by clicking on the button below.


Hope to talk with you soon!

To your success,


Ed Gandia
High-Income Business Writing
Get Better Clients Academy