Being a Solid Writer and Having a Solid Reputation Are No Longer Enough

To Earn a Great Living as a Writer, Copywriter or Content Strategist You Need a Specialized Set of Business Skills

From the desk of Ed Gandia
Roswell, GA


Some of the most talented freelance marketing professionals struggle to eke out a decent living.

Especially right now.

They may be great at their craft. But they lack a critical set of business skills that would enable them to earn more in less time doing work they love for better clients.

And here’s the kicker. Anyone could learn these skills.

You don’t need a business degree. Or a formal marketing (or corporate) background.

These are all learnable skills. They’re simple to understand and put into practice.

I’ve taught these skills to my coaching clients for years. They’ve implemented them and achieved great results.

Now it’s YOUR turn.

I’ve packaged them in a way that will enable you to get all the information you need quickly ... so you can start getting results FAST.

Plus, I’ve made them very super-affordable.

A Powerful Business-Building Toolkit

I’ve assembled what I believe to be some of the most important business skills you need to succeed as a solo professional today.

It’s a carefully curated “business-building toolkit” consisting of 8 powerful sessions. Each session focuses on one very specific, critical business skill you need to develop.

Better yet, each session is just one hour long. And it includes the step-by-step instruction you need to deploy each strategy or tactic quickly. Plus any tools and templates you need to learn and implement these skills FAST.

No bloated courses. No long-winded explanations. Just the “meat.”

I know you’re already short on time. And you want to get what you need quickly so you can get going and get results NOW.

That’s what I’ve created here.

Two Ways to Learn These Critical Skills

I’m making this toolkit incredibly affordable.  

I know we’re going through a strange time right now. The economy is wobbly. Many clients are panicked and putting projects on hold. The verdict on the true impact of AI is still out. And many writers are trying their best to stay afloat until things turn around. 

So I offer two different options. You can either: 

  • Grab any of the individual Toolkit sessions below for just $50 each, or...
  • Get the full 2023 Toolkit for just $150, which includes all 8 business-building sessions and accompanying resources.

Whichever option you choose, you get lifetime access to that material.  

Get The Full Toolkit for $150

The 2023 Toolkit Sessions

This business-building toolkit includes the following sessions: 

The Positioning Compass

Positioning your value is one of the most important factors of freelance success. Yet most writers create the wrong perception by focusing on the wrong factors. This session will give you the clarity and tools you need to position yourself effectively in your market.

Only $50

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The Lead Generator

Relying 100% on inbound leads might work when you’re consistently booked solid. But if you want to stay booked solid (or go from struggling to thriving quickly), you need a reliable system for generating solid leads fast. I’ll show you how to do that in this session.

Only $50

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The Modified Wishbone Screening Process

Not every opportunity you come across is going to be a good fit for you. The challenge is how to determine this earlier in the process. In this toolkit session you’ll learn a simple yet powerful way to do that. Plus, you’ll see how to present yourself as the obvious choice for the right prospects.

Only $50

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The Referral Engine

Referrals continue to be one of the most powerful ways to land new clients. Unfortunately, most professionals don’t know how to proactively cultivate referrals. This is a learnable skill—one that could transform your business. And that’s what this toolkit session will show you how to do.

Only $50

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The Follow-up Playbook

When done right, following up with prospects and clients can yield disproportionate results for the time and effort required. But how DO you do it right? How often should you follow up? And what should you say each time? In this toolkit session you’ll learn a simple follow-up system that takes all the guesswork out of the process and enables you to turn more open opportunities into booked work.

Only $50

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The Pricing Maximizer

Pricing is one of the biggest sources of anxiety and frustration for freelance professionals. This toolkit session will walk you through a simple process for taking much of the emotion out of the pricing process and landing more of the work you quote.

Only $50

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The “Velvet Rope” Retainer System

Having a retainer or two at any given time is the ultimate SWAN (sleep well at night) strategy of freelancing. But how do you structure and pitch a profitable retainer? How do you know when to bring it up to a client? And how do you manage it so it doesn’t turn into a nightmare? I’ll show you exactly how to do this the right way.

Only $50

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The Point-Based Retainer Model

Some clients and situations call for a different retainer model than the Velvet Rope approach above, especially when the client operates in more ad hoc fashion. In this toolkit session I’ll show you how to make retainers work very effectively (and profitably!) in those situations.

Only $50

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Get The Full Toolkit for $150

Excerpts From the Toolkit Sessions

Again, these are not full-blown courses. I know you want to get the tools and information you need FAST. That way you can apply it to your business right away.

So I’ve carefully designed each of these sessions to be no longer than one hour.

In just 60 minutes you’ll get everything  you need to implement each idea and start getting results within days.

What are the sessions like?

Here’s an excerpt from The Lead Generator:

Here’s an excerpt from The Wishbone Screening Process

Here’s an excerpt from The Follow-up Playbook

Get The Full Toolkit for $150

My Pledge and Guarantee

I respect the fact that professional development is a serious investment for any solo professional. So if you’re not completely satisfied with my business-building toolkit sessions for any reason, just let me know within 30 days of purchase and I'll give you a full refund immediately.

No questions, no hassles, no games.

Bottom line: I stand behind my products 100%. That's why I'm willing to take all the risk by making this guarantee.

Get The Full Toolkit for $150

To your success, 

Ed Gandia
High-Income Business Writing