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Are you struggling to land freelance work?

Wondering where your next gig is going to come from? Or how you'll replace that problem client you can no longer tolerate?

Well, I have some answers for you.

I recently spent a few months compiling some of the most effective client-generating ideas from my own freelancing business and from some of my most successful colleagues.

I'm talking about specific ideas, tactics and techniques that can generate work fast ... yet require little in the way of time, cost or complexity.

I share these ideas in my master training class titled...

Hidden Gold: 39 Proven (Yet Overlooked!) Ideas for Landing Profitable Work Quickly.

This is game-changing training material. You'll walk away with 39 specific, actionable and "doable" ideas you can start implementing immediately.

So if you need to generate a client project fast, you'll have ready-made ideas you can pick from and deploy as soon as the session is over.

And if you're doing OK right now, you'll still learn prospecting strategies, tactics and techniques you can implement in a more gradual fashion — as needed — to make sure you stay booked with profitable work.

That way you won't find yourself in a pickle later this year when the well dries up.



Doug K. McClellan Doug K. McClellan,
Atlanta, GA

“I wanted to tell you how much I truly appreciate the learning and advice you offered in the webinar today! I’ve been on a lot of webinars, but I have to say, yours is the best I’ve been on in a while. Thank you again”

Dana Barka Dana Barka,
Barka Communications

“Today's Hidden Gold is like a smorgasbord of ideas of how to make money. The examples are great because you know exactly how to start. Whenever I get slow or my work is getting stale, I can just try 2 to 3 ideas from this to get things moving again. ”

Annie Galvin Annie Galvin,
Greensboro, NC

Great workshop yesterday. You are always so generous with your time and expertise. You’re right, there is lots of buried gold in those strategies. I look forward to choosing the one or two to check out first. You’ve inspired me.

Angie Mangino Angie Mangino,
Island, NY

"Attended an exceptional 3 hour Hidden Gold online class by Ed Gandia today. I highly recommend learning from this down-to-earth knowledgeable man who shares so much practical, doable information. How much he genuinely cares shines through all he does."

Simple, Easy-to-Deploy Ideas

The best part? None of these strategies require a ton of work or spending a lot of money. They're fairly easy to deploy. They're NOT complicated. And many of these opportunities are right under your nose!

These are not the same old ideas you see everywhere. Sure, you've heard of some of them. Maybe even tried a few.

But in this training, I'll show you the secret to deploying them more effectively. I'll reframe many of these tactics and techniques so you can see how you can take something you might have tried before and refine it so it's more powerful and gets you results faster.

But you know what? You DON'T have to implement them all to get results. The real value of this class is in finding just 3 or 4 powerful ideas you can put to use immediately.

In fact, that's my goal — to give you the tools, scripts, and step-by-step instruction you need to take fast action on just a few simple ideas ... so you can land good-paying work in 2015.


Here's Just a Glimpse of What You'll Learn...

  • The biggest and most UNDERUSED source of new projects — why you must tap it and how to do it right.
  • An easy way to get a steady stream of inquiries. Total time investment? One hour per month!
  • The simplest way ever to boost your income by 20% ... virtually overnight!
  • The brilliant and low-key "Number Two" strategy to getting new clients.
  • Smart up-sell and cross-sell strategies that add hundreds to your new and existing projects.
  • How to reframe some of your services so clients say "Yes!"
  • Audits, briefings and other easy, value-add "loss leaders" that get you in the door and can quickly turn into high-paying work.
  • A question you MUST ask all your clients every November — and why it can put thousands in your pocket just in time for the holidays.
  • A killer "repurposing" strategy that can land you more work while doubling your typical rates!
  • How delayed or cancelled projects can still create opportunities to land work.
  • How to productize some of your services to make your offer more attractive and profitable.
  • How strategic partnering can generate work fast — and how to do it right.
  • A clever backdoor approach to getting work through trade publications.
  • A super-simple direct mail strategy that can generate big results with little money or complexity.
  • The "Captain Collaborator" strategy to getting more work than you can handle.


Class Details

This is a comprehensive audio program consisting of two 90-minute lessons.

Upon registration, you'll get immediate access to the class. You'll also get the accompanying PDF workbook. This workbook includes a summary of each idea, key points, sample scripts and step-by-step instructions, where applicable.

Plus you have LIFETIME access to all the material, so you can go through it at your leisure.

Your Investment

This training could very well be the most important investment you make in your freelance business this year. When you consider the impact it could have on your income, it's easily worth $300 or more.

In fact, the standard price is $97. It sells for that all day long when I *do* offer it (which is not very often).

But because you're new to my world, I want you to have Hidden Gold for just $27.

That's $70 off the regular price.

I've never offered it for anything close to that price point. And you won't see this offer again.

Your $27 investment includes the class and your workbook — which, again, includes a detailed summary of each idea and how to carry it out.

That's a drop in the bucket when you consider the value of this information.

Think about it. If you land just ONE new project as a result of implementing one of these ideas, you will have paid for the program many times over.

Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

In fact, here's my challenge. If after going through this class you can't find ONE idea that can give you at least a 20X return on your investment, let me know within 30 days and I'll immediately give you a full refund.

Better yet, if you're unhappy with the class or the material for any reason under the sun, let me know and I'll give you back every penny you paid.

No questions. No hassle. And I NEVER play games with refunds (like so many internet marketers do).

That's how confident I am that you're going to get massive value from this training class.

Registration Open for a Few Days Only!

Again, this is the first time I've ever offered Hidden Gold for anywhere near this low price. You won't see this offer again.

So if you're ready to learn these 39 PROVEN ways to land good-paying work quickly, click on the button below now. Because registration closes in just a few days.

And once I close this out, the $27 offer is gone for good.

Hidden Gold: 39 Proven (Yet Overlooked!) Ideas for Landing Profitable Work Quickly

Register today and get:

  • Access to the full audio class (3 hours of instruction)
  • Lifetime access to the material
  • Detailed class workbook
  • 30-day full money-back guarantee

Plus ideas, strategies, tips and techniques that can help you get good-paying land freelance work fast.

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