Attention Freelancers:

Most of Your Problems as a
Freelancer Can Be Traced to

Fortunately, this is something you can fix...

Regardless of your level of experience ... or

where you are in your freelance business.

And I can help you do that.

Just like I have for nearly 300

of my coaching clients.

From the Desk of Ed Gandia
Roswell, Ga.

You and I may not know each other personally.

But if you’re a freelancer, here’s what I do know about you:

You’ve got business challenges.

(Don’t feel bad, we all have them!)

Maybe you’re having trouble landing work. Or landing more of the type of work you enjoy doing.

Or commanding higher fees... discovering good prospects to go after... landing more of the projects you quote... getting more work from existing clients...

Or heck ... maybe you have TOO MUCH work. And you’re burning out fast!

The Keystone of Freelance Success

Here’s the thing...

As crazy as it sounds, all these problems are very “solvable.”

That’s because they all revolve around one central solution:

Getting better clients.

Now, before you say, “Duh!” ... hear me out. Because there’s an important lesson here. And it’s not as obvious as it sounds.

When you land progressively better clients ... most of your business problems start to go away.

Think about it...

  • Want to put an end to the feast-or-famine cycle? Get better clients (and more of them!).
  • Want to command higher fees? Get better clients.
  • Want to attract better prospects? And want more of these prospects to convert to clients? Position yourself to get better clients to come to YOU.
  • Want prospects to get back to you with a decision faster? Go after better clients.
  • Want to cut back your workload without sacrificing your income? Get better clients

Sure, in some cases “get better clients” is not the direct solution. But it solves your problem indirectly!

Bottom line: Solve this “better clients” puzzle ... and most of your other business challenges start to go away.

Fix this problem ... and life starts getting a lot sweeter.

Or to put it another way...

Getting better clients is the keystone of freelance success. It creates a domino effect in your business that goes WAY beyond boosting your income.

And it’s the one critical item that can significantly impact the rest of your business.

The 6-Step Roadmap to Getting Better Clients

Fortunately, there’s a predictable and reliable way to consistently land better clients.

I’m not saying it’s easy. You’re smart enough to know that nothing worth having comes easy.

You have to work. You have to be consistent in your efforts. You have to change your behavior. You have to get out of your comfort zone.

But there’s a very specific roadmap to landing a steady stream of great clients ... and keeping them longer!

I call it the “Get Better Clients Roadmap.” It involves 6 very specific you can follow to get better results.

And to get those results consistently.

I’d like to teach you these steps ... and help you land more and better-paying clients.

And I can do that in a very affordable and practical way.

Here’s how...

I’ve created something called “Get Better Clients Academy.” It’s designed to meet you where you are ... and help you get to a much better place in your business. Faster and with less pain and frustration.

A place that’s centered around better-quality clients.

I’ll tell you more about it in a minute. But first, let me explain how I developed this powerful roadmap for getting better clients.

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Lessons From Coaching Nearly 300 Freelancers

I launched my freelance business in late 2003. I built my business on the side while I worked my day job.

And during my first full year as a full-time freelancer (from mid 2006 to mid 2007), I grossed more than $163,000.

Since then, I’ve been able to grow and sustain a comfortable six-figure income.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Launching and growing my freelance business wasn’t easy. I had to work like I’d never worked before. And I made a ton of mistakes along the way.

But I learned from those mistakes. In fact, thanks to those mistakes I was able to gain the perspective I needed to start coaching other creative professionals. And since 2012 I’ve dedicated most of my time and energy to helping other freelancers grow their own freelance businesses.

In fact, I’ve personally coached nearly 300 ambitious freelancers on growing their businesses profitably.

I’ve also had the privilege to teach my strategies to more than 3,800 freelancers in different professions via my home-study programs.

I’ve Gained a Unique Perspective

The focus of both my coaching and online training programs is simple...

I help freelancers earn more in less time doing work they love for better-paying clients.

My coaching and training business has grown tremendously over the past four years. And one of the unexpected benefits of my coaching work is having a insider view into the inner workings of thousands of freelance businesses.

This under-the-hood perspective has enabled me to identify and study some very interesting patterns for achieving freelance prosperity year after year.

And I’ve distilled these patterns, strategies and winning practices into a very simple and practical framework called the Get Better Clients Roadmap.

Where Are YOU in This Roadmap?

It doesn’t matter where you are today in your freelance business.

You could be a total newbie ... early-stage freelancer ... an established pro on a solid growth path ... six-figure earner ...

The Get Better Clients Roadmap can help propel you to a much better place.

See if any of these scenarios sounds like you:

  • You’re already earning a decent living as a freelancer but trying to grow your income by 20% or more.
  • You’re trying to maintain your current income level while cutting back your working hours.
  • You’re just getting started and need a success path you can easily follow to land progressively better-paying clients.
  • You’re frustrated that most of the prospects you’re running into are shopping around for the lowest-cost freelancer.
  • You’re already earning a healthy five- or six-figure income and trying to take your business to the next level ... without adding too much complexity.
  • Or you’re somewhere in between the scenarios above and are trying to find clients who truly value you and your work. Clients who are happy to pay you handsome fees and give you fun, recurring work.
  • Or maybe you’re very happy with your income. But you’re overworked and burnt out. And you’re looking for a better way to run your business — one that enables you to maintain a high income level with much less stress and hassle.

If you’re in any of these scenarios, my Get Better Clients Roadmap will meet you where you already are ... and help take you to where you want to go.

How It Works

This Get Better Clients roadmap is the centerpiece of my Get Better Clients Academy.

Get Better Clients academy (or “Academy,” for short) is an online training school and community of creative professionals at all levels of experience.

Here’s how it works:


When you join the Academy, you’ll take a short assessment to determine (or confirm) where you are in your journey. It will also help you decide on the best starting point in the Get Better Clients Roadmap.

Training in Your Specific Area of Need

Once you know your starting point in the Roadmap, you’ll have immediate access to a series of training classes inside that stage of the Roadmap. We call these training classes “execution plans.”

Think of these execution plans as very short and focused training courses. Each plan will take you just 60 – 90 minutes to complete. They’re easy to consume... and straightforward to implement. And you can go through them at your convenience.

Every execution plan is also extremely practical AND process-driven. It includes a summary PDF handout ... short audio and video lessons ... a ton of examples and illustrations ... practical tips ... proven ideas ... checklists ... worksheets ... cheat sheets ... process maps ... and a realistic framework for getting this stuff done! (Because let’s face it ... great ideas are valuable only when they’re implemented.)


Once you start implementing what you learn and start mastering this stage, you’ll be ready to move to the next stage of the Roadmap. Each stage will include a number of execution plans. Each of these plans is focused on helping you master that specific stage of the Get Better Clients Roadmap.


You’ll also have access to a supportive group of like-minded peers through the Get Better Clients Academy Facebook forum. This is a private, closed-door community for Academy members only. It’s a great place to ask questions, get feedback and ideas, gain new friendships, and get support and encouragement.

Here’s what some of our members are saying about the Academy...

Exciting update from my Christmas outreach! I contacted 30 companies the week before Christmas with warm email prospecting … after a successful initial call and demo of their product, I now have my first official contracted client of 2017! I received the signed contract today, and when this goes well, we've already discussed several other projects we hope to work on next.

Kimberly Weitkamp, St. Louis, MO

A quick update on my New Zealand client who I got through Warm Email Prospecting - they like me well enough to add me to their team page! Guess that means I can expect a steady stream of work from them!

Liz Farr, Los Lunas, NM

I got five new clients by using your Get Better Clients Academy.

Amy Sahf, Asheville, NC

Great job to you and Ed's entire team on the Academy . . . really enjoying the reorganization of materials and the new 6-step Roadmap (Better Mindset module is outstanding!).

Doug Chovan, Massillon, OH
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Here's What's Inside...

Inside the Get Better Clients Academy you’ll have access to 23 practical and very focused execution plans. And we’re adding execution plans regularly.

These execution plans are grouped inside the six different stages of the Get Better Clients Roadmap.

Once you know what stage of the Roadmap you’re in, you’ll be able to pick the plans that will have the biggest impact on your business starting today.

Here’s just a sampling of the execution plans that you’ll be able to access inside the Academy:

You’ll discover...

  • The 17 marketing strategies that are your best bets, regardless of your profession or where you are today in your business life cycle.
  • 3 ways to categorize your marketing efforts to save time and avoid heartache
  • The 4 groups that make up a healthy marketing "diet." I'll show you how to make the right picks for you.
  • A simple formula for narrowing down your options and making the best marketing decisions for your unique situation.
  • 7 high-impact marketing ideas few creative professionals use (and why they work so well).
  • How to factor in time constraints, goals and market realities when drafting your own plan. And how to determine the right amount of frequency and effort.
  • A visual scheduling tool to plan your marketing for the next 12 months. This tool will save you time and enable you to make smart decisions based on your goals and constraints.

You’ll discover...

  • The 4 pillars of solid positioning.
  • How to best identify and make yourself attractive to your ideal target audience.
  • More than a dozen examples of solid positioning. Plus 9 proven ways to “niche” yourself (many of which you may not have considered in the past).
  • How to craft a powerful value statement. And how to use that statement to improve your website’s copy.
  • A fill-in-the-blanks template to communicate your positioning more clearly.
  • And a detailed exercise that will help you narrow down (and uncover) your best possible positioning faster.

You’ll discover...

  • What lead magnets (and aren't).
  • What they're for and why they can work so well.
  • The 7 key elements of a powerful lead magnet.
  • How to create your lead magnet faster.
  • Picking the best format and approach for your audience.
  • Choosing a powerful title for your lead magnet.
  • And how to go beyond good intentions and get it DONE!

In this execution plan you’ll discover...

  • How to easily determine the right type of follow-up to use for different prospects.
  • What to say in your follow up ... and what to include in your communications.
  • How to stand out with your follow-up. And how to ensure that you’re the first person your prospect thinks about when they’re ready to buy.
  • A foolproof formula to determine the right frequency to use with your follow-up.
  • A visual process map that will help you make better follow-up decisions and make this process second nature.
  • A sample tracking spreadsheet you can model to keep track of all your follow-up activities.

You’ll discover...

  • The little-known secret to making these agreements work for you AND the client.
  • The one thing your agreement must focus on (if you want it to last).
  • A step-by-step guide to structuring and pitching your retainer agreement.
  • The 2 ingredients that will make your offer a no-brainer for your client.
  • The clause you MUST include in your agreement to help make this a win/win.
  • How to manage expectations and workload once you land the gig.

You’ll discover...

  • How to get impressive results with LinkedIn in just 15-30 minutes a day.
  • A handy pre-flight checklist to save time and get better response.
  • The 3 ways to find targeted prospects on LinkedIn.
  • How to craft an engaging outreach message that gets a positive response.
  • How to use the LinkedIn prospecting scheduler for daily and weekly tasks. And how to easily stay on top of your activities inside LinkedIn.
  • 5 LinkedIn prospecting scripts you can steal and start using right away.

You’ll discover...

  • The 3 most effective approaches you can use to drum up high-quality client leads with direct mail.
  • Sample letters and proven copy you can model.
  • Exact campaign and process details you can copy.
  • How to do direct mail prospecting more efficiently.
  • Plus a step-by-step walkthrough of 3 simple campaign sequences, including details on how they’ve worked for me and for other freelancers.

You’ll discover...

  • Get started without a lot of fuss and take the pain out of the publishing process.
  • Come up with great content month after month.
  • Choose and use the right email vendor.
  • Start and grow your subscriber list.
  • Get more mileage out of your content.
  • Turn more prospects into clients.
  • And how to nurture prospects who are ready to hire you BEFORE they even talk to you!

You’ll discover...

  • Clever tricks to help you determine where your best audiences actually congregate.
  • How to decide on the best approach to reach them.
  • How to identify the best communities, blogs and publications to target.
  • How to get your content and ideas in targeted communities and publications.
  • How to position yourself as an authority.
  • How to attract the best prospects to your business.

Plus how to grow your audience through a simple, repeatable process.

You’ll discover...

  • How to craft powerful email messages that get positive response.
  • How to find high-quality prospects.
  • A new way to use LinkedIn to automate much of your research.
  • How to follow up using simple methods that are working today.
  • How to finally turn prospecting into a habit.
  • How to draft your emails faster.
  • How to avoid the “Is it good enough?” stress of writing warm emails.

You’ll discover...

  • How productizing helps you simplify your marketing and selling process.
  • What the productized services model involves and how to get started one step at a time.
  • How to think about your pricing -- and how to streamline your process for creating these deliverables.
  • How to avoid the most common pitfalls when offering some of your services in a productized way.

You’ll discover...

  • What’s involved in creating or revamping your site (and where to start the process)
  • What to do before you even start thinking about
  • Which pages you’ll absolutely need
  • What other pages and elements you should consider
  • The best ways to present your samples
  • The different platform and design choices (and how to make the best decision for your specific situation)

You’ll discover...

  • Why introverts have an advantage over extroverts in networking situations
  • How to find the motivation to go to networking events
  • How to identify the best groups and events to attend
  • What types of networking events to avoid
  • What you must do before, during and after each event
  • Foolproof conversation starters
  • How to reconnect authentically with old contacts

And much more!

You’ll discover...

  • 5 practical ways to upgrade your mindset.
  • 12 practices and habits to reprogram your thinking (flash cards included!).
  • The Vicious Cycle of Belief (and how to use it to your advantage).
  • How to reconnect authentically with old contacts

And much more!

As an Academy member, you’ll also get access to a growing library of bonus resources that complement the execution plans. These resources include:

Plus we’re constantly adding new execution plans and other valuable resources to the Academy.

That way you can continue to master the areas of the roadmap you want to focus on.

Ideas You Can Consume and Implement Quickly!

Look, I get it. You don’t have time to go through hours and hours of training.

You’re busy. You have deadlines. And you have a life.

Which means you need to learn and apply new ideas faster.

That’s why we’ve designed the execution plans and other resources inside the Academy to be easily consumable.

Each plan is broken down into bite-sized lessons. And each one is designed to give you the information you need quickly and easily.

Plus every execution plan is “multi modal.” Meaning you get the information in multiple formats. For example, each plan includes:

  • A summary handout that stands on its own, if you prefer to read
  • A “top takeaways” PDF one-sheet to help you preview and review the content
  • Short video and audio lessons (both file formats available)
  • Process maps (where applicable)
  • Checklists
  • Illustrations and examples

As well as other study aids that will help you apply the material faster.

Don’t have a lot of time but need to learn the material inside one of the execution plans? Simply go through the “top takeaways” document, summary handout and study aids and you’ll get 80% (or more) of what you need in minutes.

It’s as close to Cliff Notes as you can get!

Why the Academy Is Different

First, you need a roadmap. You need a proven process to guide you.

I’m not going to overwhelm you with 2,893 hours of training and 5,274 articles.

Instead, I’m going to give you a specific curriculum based on your assessment results. As well as a process for putting these ideas into action... and getting tangible results.

You’ll find the process to be very simple. I created it by carefully observing my own freelance business. As well as the business of thousands of freelance professionals. And seeing what worked and didn’t work (and why!).

The information also needs to be easily consumable and straightforward to implement. That’s why I’ve structured (and formatted) the execution plans the way I have. Because I understand that for you to benefit from them, you have to go through them first.

And you won’t do that if the training is too long-winded. Or if you can’t skim the material or review it easily. Or if it’s in a format you don’t like.

Finally, you need accountability. That’s where the Get Better Clients forum comes in. This is a community of like-minded professionals who are here to help you make progress and stay accountable.

You Get It All For Just $49!

That’s right…

Your investment today is just $49.

For just 49 bucks you’ll have immediate access to my Get Better Clients Roadmap. As well as all execution plans inside each stage of the roadmap.

And remember: Each execution plan comes with training lessons, worksheets, checklists, top takeaway summaries, illustrations, examples and other study aids.

Plus you’ll get all my bonus resources. And access to the Get Better Clients Academy Facebook forum.

Here’s my challenge: Take the assessment. Discover your best starting point in the Roadmap. And start going through the execution plans.

Put them to the test. Give them a try. Get some results.

I think you’ll be impressed.

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What's the Catch Ed?

I'm not going to insult your intelligence. I have an ulterior motive for making you this offer.

As you have probably already guessed, I'm not getting rich by giving you these valuable tools for just $49.

My sincere hope is that you love these execution plans — and that you choose to stay in my Get Better Clients Academy.

If you do, GREAT!

If not, that's OK, too.

Especially when you consider the improved results you’ll get from following this powerful Roadmap ... applying this material ... and landing better clients.

There’s NEVER an obligation to stay in the Academy. You can cancel anytime. We make it very easy to do that.

You can either email my support team ... or you can simply cancel your membership inside the Academy portal under the "My Account" section.

No hassles, no games. Ever.

But if you love Get Better Clients Academy (and I think you will), you'll automatically be renewed at our charter member rate of just $49 a month.

A paltry sum.

Especially when you consider the improved results you’ll get from following this powerful Roadmap ... applying this material ... and landing better clients.

Your Business CAN Be Better!

Don’t settle for less. You CAN have a business that allows you to have the clients, projects, income and lifestyle you truly want.

And you can have that starting today when you change your focus, follow a proven roadmap and start taking the right kinds of actions.

Simply click the Add to Cart button below, and let's get started.

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Ed Gandia
Founder, Get Better Clients Academy
Founder, High-Income Business Writing

P.S.  Aren’t you tired of constantly doing more... trying harder... stressing out... and not making real progress in your freelance business?

You have a choice. You can keep doing what you’re doing ... only to get the same results.

Or you can join me in the Get Better Clients Academy and start making real progress in your business.

Remember: I have a very specific and proven roadmap for you to follow. And I’ll help you determine where to start and how to move forward from there.

This is NOT the kind of program where we’ll dump 2,893 hours of training on you ... or overwhelm you with thousands of articles and other content.

That’s exhausting. And overwhelming!

Instead, you’ll have a specific curriculum to follow based on the assessment you take when you first join the Academy.

P.P.S.  Remember... there’s NEVER an obligation to stay in the Academy. You can cancel anytime.

In fact, we make it very easy to do that. You can either email my support team ... or you can simply cancel your membership inside the Academy portal under the "My Account" section.

No hassles, no games. Ever.

But if you love Get Better Clients Academy (and I think you will), you'll automatically be renewed at our charter member rate of just $49 a month.

A paltry sum compared to what you'll make when you start following this powerful Roadmap ... applying this material ... and landing better clients.

So why not give the Academy a try today?