The ‘Get Better Clients’ Roadmap:

6 Steps to Earning More in Less Time with Clients You Love


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You'll discover:

  • The 6 steps to earning more in less time with clients you love
  • Why high-income freelancers prosper year after year
  • Which success factor matters most (it’s not what you think)
  • The 5 critical milestones you have to reach at each stage of the success roadmap

Plus I’ll stick around at the end to answer your questions live!

The class is this Thursday November 10. And you have a choice of two different times:

  • 2:00pm Eastern Time
  • 8:00pm Eastern Time

Over the past few years I’ve personally coached nearly 300 ambitious freelancers.

Our focus has been on earning more in less time... while doing fulfilling work for better-paying clients.

This coaching work has enabled me to see some very interesting patterns for achieving freelance prosperity year after year.

I’m going to show you these patterns (and how you can apply them) in a FREE strategy class this Thursday, November 10.

This class is for freelancers in all professions (and all levels of experience).