Have you struggled to launch your own B2B writing business?

What if I personally coached you over the next 4 months to get your business off the ground ...

And to land your first two rounds of clients?

This is the One and Only Time I’m Offering This Opportunity in 2017. Don’t miss out!

Dear B2B writer or copywriter,

It happens every single week.

I get enthusiastic emails from folks who've recently decided to pursue B2B writing.

They're excited, optimistic and anxious to get going.

Yet as much as I love receiving their emails, I also know the painful truth...

Most of these aspiring freelancers won't make it past the 90-day mark. And they won't earn a dime writing for clients.

It's not because they're lousy writers. Or because they don't have the drive, desire or the right goals.

In many cases, these aspiring freelance writers and copywriters are very smart, driven people. They're solid writers. And most have 20+ years of business or professional work experience.

It's also not the result of poor demand for B2B marketing content. North American companies alone are spending billions every year writing and producing marketing communications. And that amount keeps growing annually.

So what's missing? Why the high rate of failure?

Here's What's NOT Lacking

I'll tell you what these professionals are NOT lacking...


There has never been this much information on how to launch and grow a profitable commercial writing or copywriting business.

I mean ... we're swimming in ideas and advice! And most of this content is FREE.

So when there's a surplus of information, what aspiring freelancers need is not MORE of it. But rather:

  1. A realistic and proven framework — a flexible roadmap (or system) that provides proven, step-by-step direction and stacks the deck in your favor.
  2. Personalized mentoring and coaching to guide you through this roadmap. In other words, guidance from real pros who have been down this road and have achieved great success.


This Is Not a
"Just Add Water" Business

Here's the thing. Freelancing is NOT a "just add water" business.

Launching and growing a successful, sustainably profitable B2B writing practice is complex process. It's filled with pitfalls, dead ends, and all kinds of unexpected twists and turns.

That kind of situation calls for much more than mere information.

And that's where I can help you.

My name is Ed Gandia. I'm a successful B2B writer and copywriter. I've cracked the code to launching a B2B writing business faster and with less risk. I've helped dozens of new and aspiring B2B writers launch their freelance businesses successfully.

And starting next month, I’m personally going to walk a group of ambitious writers through an intense process that's going to change their lives.

It's a new coaching experience called B2B Biz Launcher 2.0.

If you join me, I'm going to personally teach you how to launch a profitable B2B writing business quickly … how to land clients faster … and how to “stair-step” your way to long-term success as a freelance business writer.

I’m going to cut through all the confusing and contradictory advice you hear and read out there. And I’m going to walk you through a very simple, proven, step-by-step framework I've developed and refined over the past 12 years.

This system is designed to start yielding clients and projects by the time the program ends.

I’ll be there to hold your hand through every step. And I’ll work with you to make sure you implement effectively.

Do the work, put in the effort. And you could very well have a client or two by the time the program is over. And some serious momentum by the end of the year.

See What Previous Students of B2B Biz Launcher Have to Say...

Dan O'Brien

B2B Biz Launcher Alumni Dan O'Brien Launches a Near-Six-Figure Freelance Business During His First Year

"I've taken a lot of courses over the years — both academic and business-focused — and yours is one of the best, ever. Partly because the methodology was so clear, useful and experienced-based. It wasn't theoretical.""...This one [new client] will result in probably $80,000 in revenue [for me]."

Liz Farr

Liz Farr Speeds Up Her Transition from Full-Time Accountant to Full-Time Freelance B2B Copywriter

“What has really helped ... were the lessons on how to talk to prospects and how to have that conversation -- those initial conversations about providing services, about projects, about pricing and about just getting the work done. That's given me a lot of confidence. Just to be able to have that conversation around what I do and how I can help somebody.

“Plus, you know, working with Ed, he's a nice guy, but he will hold your feet to the fire and he will get you to do what you need to do.

“Just do it [enroll in B2B Biz Launcher 2.0]. You will not regret it one bit.”

Daniela Llanos

See how Daniela Llanos was able to build her B2B copywriting business faster and with greater confidence thanks to the B2B Biz Launcher 2.0 coaching program

“The first [result] is that I got a paid client. And I have a clear sense of direction, which I didn't have before.”

Eric Lynch

Eric Lynch quits his 6 figure day job to become a high-income freelance copywriter

"Thanks to everything I learned and applied from B2B Biz Launcher—and some of the connections you helped me make—I'm now a full-time freelance copywriter. With all the work I have in the books, I figured things would never get better for a full-time launch than they are now, so it was time!"

Jennifer Alwood

Jennifer Alwood Earns Back Her Full Investment in B2B Biz Launcher 2.0 While Still in the Program

"The [B2B Biz Launcher 2.0] curriculum seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. I wanted input from somebody who could [teach] me exactly how to get started, how to get my website up and going, what I needed on my website, and then the step by step as far as once a client does contact you, what you do then."

Steve Brockwell

B2B Biz Launcher 2.0 helps mid-career professional, Steve Brockwell, launch a successful B2B writing busines

"Everything that was promised was delivered and more. It's very, no hype, very solid advice. Just huge and very pointedly useful resources. [Ed is] willing to give more than sometimes maybe [he] should."

Joseph Cole

Joseph Cole Breaks Through Longstanding Income Ceiling Within Weeks of Enrolling in B2B Biz Launcher

"Coming into this coaching program, you helped me really craft my unique selling proposition, position myself in a better way to another market, so now I’m positioning myself toward companies that want to sell to nonprofits. And I’ve had really good success with that. In fact, I don’t know if it was maybe two months into the program I landed a corporate client, and that’s another goal that I’ve had for three years that I had never attained."

Adria Schmedthorst

New Freelance Writer Lands Four Clients and Plenty of Repeat Business After Implementing the Ideas and Strategies in B2B Biz Launcher 

"[B2B Biz Launcher] was the best decision I ever made. No matter how much money I spent on all the other copywriting programs or going to seminars and stuff, you have to still be at home and do the program and motivate yourself. And when you get home from the seminar, your motivation is gone the next day, at least for me. Whereas this was an every-week accountable program. You have everything guided and I wouldn’t have started without it, honestly. Anybody that is even thinking about taking it really should because I don’t see any other way to get started. [And] unless you just have perfect discipline, doing it by yourself is so hard."

Ted Goldwyn

Ted Goldwyn Lands 6 New Clients and a Lucrative, 15-Month Retainer Agreement with a Major Company

I've landed a total of 6 new clients ... and an ongoing 15-month retainer contract ... then I have another dozen or so hot prospects in my pipeline, which certainly bodes well for 2016. If you're on the fence [about B2B Biz Launcher], anybody out there, I say just do it. You can't go wrong.

Robyn Weisman

I got a gig where not only do I write for this one company ... I'm a regular blogger and do ghostwriting [for them].

"It was almost like once I started focusing ... and got someone who can teach me and mentor me on how to do this in a coherent way, I actually started [getting inquiries]. And I got a gig where not only do I write for this one company ... I'm a regular blogger and do ghostwriting [for them]. That was a huge thing. First of all, it was a nice bit of money — more than a bit ... It [also] made me more confident that I could approach people."

Hannah Glenn Hannah Glenn

Just wanted to send a quick note of thanks to you and your team. I'll be starting my first full-time copywriting job with a cancer treatment and research center tomorrow!

I believe it's been because of your podcasts, courses and the great info you guys put out there that I've been able to build my platform and get started freelancing, which lead to me getting this great opportunity in my target market.

Though I haven't realized my dream of freelancing at 6 figures just yet, I think this move will be crucial in establishing myself as a writer in the health field, and will also give me some great insight into the marketing of a big company. Also crucial!

Julie Witmer

I attended a free webinar you conducted on Warm Email Prospecting and then downloaded the cheat sheet and swipe file. So far I’ve sent out just 7 emails (it gets easier for each one, but still takes a lot of research) and I’ve already heard back from 2 people! And I see increased views of my website and Facebook page after I send out the emails.

I have your cheat sheet open when I compose each email. Initially I was going to send out a brochure. You did a podcast on your site with a freelancer who created custom brochures and sent them out with translucent envelopes. I’m planning on modifying the sample she provided on your site and sending that out to my hot list prospects.

Again, thank you so much for your site and podcasts. I’m a cartographer so much of the information for writers doesn’t apply to me, but whenever you have information about marketing or general freelancing, it’s always so helpful.

Carolyn Walker, Sacramento, CA

B2B Biz Launcher is, without question, the most valuable, best-conceived and best-executed course I’ve participated in during my 20-year career. You keep out-doing yourself, Ed! Tuesday’s lecture alone was worth the price of the entire course. You left no stone unturned in stepping through not only the process of soliciting prospects, but also the details on content and how to proceed with every eventuality. The graph you created to support your verbal explanation is an excellent tool and, as you suggested, definitely worth printing and posting permanently. I also love that the course is not gimmicky, that you’re offering honed, no-nonsense, tried and true methods. It’s not only an effective approach, it’s very generous. I feel very fortunate to be part of it.”

Malinda Meeks Malinda Meeks, Preston, CT

I was at a stand still with my business and not sure which direction to go. By working with Ed I now have an actionable plan that is giving results fast. Well worth the time and investment. Thank you Ed.

Deb Wunder, Brooklyn, NY

While this program is geared toward B2B, it has plenty of ACTIONABLE ideas that will work no matter what your business is or who your market is. I learned things in this course that my business degree never taught me.

Claire Bulman Claire Bulman, London, UK

A big thank you for your help on the course. The course was very practical and your support at each step was invaluable. I have my first clients through what you taught me, and have a number of meetings with prospects lined up. Also your advice once I got those first clients was spot on. I look forward to working with you again in the future. All the best.

John Hays John Hays, Jacksonville, FL

The word 'excellence' gets thrown around way too often. Ed's program, though, embodies excellence. The materials, the course structure, the collaborative atmosphere with Ed and the other participants, and Ed's experience and passion for coaching others -- all contribute to making a solid course in building a freelance B2B writing business. This has been a solid investment in my business, and I highly recommend Ed's program. Thank you, Ed!"

Mary Beth Saldivar Mary Beth Saldivar, Marengo, IL

I've taken several of Ed's courses over the last year. I've found them all very helpful. The concepts he taught have been very useful to me as I move forward in my freelance writing business. Ed is very genuine and seems to really care about helping his students achieve their goals. I highly recommend his course to anyone with the skills and background to pursue the freelance writing business, and who is ready to commit their time and effort to it.

Jeff Johnston Jeff Johnston, Cotacachi, Ecuador

I wasn't worried about my writing skills when I signed up for the B2B Biz Launcher. I knew, however, that as someone completely new to B2B writing, I needed help finding clients. Ed's course has shown me where to find clients and how to approach them

Jen Leary Jen Leary, New York, NY

Ed Gandia kindly and gently creates focus in a profession with many distractions. His preparation guides a copy professional like you to finding your missing doors. And as you cross that threahold, he fully illuminates steps you can take to move deals forward and close. His methods and examples shed light on your most difficult task - prospecting - while informing your instincts by defining and providing guidelines and resources. He guides you - copywriter - to the "drivers" for your business, toward rounds of client aquisition, retention and inbound inquiry. By engaging and enlivening your negotiation skills, he coaches by providing ample suggestion and support as you engage your struggle to meet your potential.


Jon Scharer, Maple Valley, WA

The B2B Biz Launcher program is like having a guru walk beside you as you build your freelance business, offering advice and guidance where you need it, especially in those cases when you wouldn't think to ask for it because you are just starting out. By the end of the program you have a proven process for running a freelance business, a process that you understand, are able to follow, and that can scale as your business grows

Ron Mueller , Datil, New Mexico

This was a well structured workshop that answered my main concern, "How to start a freelance B2B copywriting business without a long learning curve

Cheryl Bryan Cheryl Bryan

B2B Biz Launcher helped me cut out the noise of all the advice out there. I'll never again wonder what step to take next. I know if I work the plan, I'll succeed. Thanks so much, Ed and Crystal.

Michael Gibson Michael Gibson, New Ulm. MN

Ed's B2B Biz Launcher program has been the most productive and rewarding learning experience I've ever had.

It came at a time in my life when I needed the direction and information to pursue my dream of becoming a B2B Copywriter. It laid out in clear, actionable steps what to do to effectively identify my strengths and capitalize on them. Then Ed's coaching/training helped me figure out what is the best niche for me, professionally position myself, and strategically market my business.

I never wanted the program to end, but all good things eventually do. At least when Ed's B2B Biz Launcher program closed I'm left with ideas to help me as my commercial writing business progresses into the future. Thanks Ed for everything!

William Dando MD , Rawlings, Maryland

I liked your approach from the start. You qualified the students in the class. This seems to be basic for your approach to prospects and building clients. Considered, it makes total sense because it structures the thought process that you are using to build the foundation. Everyone knows the foundation is basic to the building but not everyone lays out a solid one to build on. You did a great job laying that foundation and gave me good tools to work with. Thank you. I am really going to love meeting you in person.

Sabriga Turgon Sabriga Turgon, Oakland, CA

After listening to so many other teachers (each one of whom gave some helpful info) I decided to invest in the B2B Biz Launcher program to give me one complete set of steps for setting up and promoting my freelance business. Every lesson made the investment a perfect choice because each filled in holes in my methods.

Ed's repeating refrain of taking baby steps to get to your goal encouraged me even when I was working full time at one job and part time at another while trying to stay on point with the B2B program. The self-examination lesson that led to finding your unique place in the business world also ended up increasing my confidence and how I talked about myself/business.

For me, the warm email prospecting and the negotiation sections are the most important new skills. And the conference calls were so informative because every person was coming from a different place, but dealing with similar issues. Am very glad to have taken the course and recommend it to anyone still on the fence.

Nicole Mattson

I've taken more online courses than I can remember.  B2B Launcher was by far the most helpful.  Thanks to Ed's information and advice, I 10x-ed my rates (from $25 a blog to $250).  By the time the course was over, I had billed clients for almost half of what it cost.  And I have so much more work lined up, I could pay for the course ten times over.  In fact, I did the math the other day, and I have just under $20k of work in the pipeline for the next quarter.  Thanks again for all of your help!

Jeanne Noorman Jeanne Noorman, Kentwood, MI

This program is like a road map. Ed shows you where you can go, then tells you how to get there, step by step. He is a great speaker and teacher! The most encouraging program I've found since starting my freelance journey!

Thomas (Tom) Rintelmann Thomas (Tom) Rintelmann, Cheyenne, WY. Formerly of Dallas, TX

Start your B2B Marketing/Copywriting career on the right foot. Ed Gandia and Crystal Coleman have put together a B2B Biz Builder program, that polishes your skills and allows you to present yourself as a Professional Copywriter. Ready, Fire, Aim should include this program, in the Ready phase!

Patricia White, Las Vegas, NV

Ed cuts through the unnecessary and directs you to get a marketing plan in place that you can build upon.

Gary Wilkin Gary Wilkin, Rosemount, MN

The B2B Biz Launcher program provided me a step-by-step approach to establish and build my freelance writing business and provide a path to transition from full-time employee to full-time business owner. Ed purposely focused us on the key, must-do actions to achieve quick wins required to build and maintain momentum. Thanks Ed!

Robin Kirkley Robin Kirkley, London, England

B2B Biz Launcher gave me the focus and infrastructure I needed to approach corporate clients. I learned how to reach out professionally to decision makers in some of the larger companies I want to work with, and I gained the confidence to approach them. Ed is also very generous in sharing his proven templates and his depth of experience. If you work the program, the program works

Becky Lawlor, Salt Lake City, UT

I have a solid writing background, but Ed's B2B Biz Launcher program gave me a solid business background as well. I now feel very confident I have the ability and strategies necessary to get new clients, generate a good income, and run my freelance business in a way that is rewarding and sustainable.

Liz Taylor Liz Taylor, Tampa Florida

"Ed's program far exceeds other training/coaching I've taken that's geared for freelance writers in both quality and quantity of content. I especially appreciate Ed's ability to provide constructive, useful feedback while still being positive and encouraging. It also makes a huge difference to know I'll have full access to all the materials forever, without any additional investment. This means I can go back and use materials when it makes the most sense for me in my career and business. I wasn't ready to dive into freelancing full-time at the time of the program, so it means a lot that all the tools will be there when I need them."

Aimee Kunau Aimee Kunau, Cincinnati, OH

Ed Gandia is the copywriter's coach. I have seen so many different coaches pitch their programs, and yet Ed's affable personality, down to earth style, and practical yet powerful strategies proved he was the right choice to help me transform my business. Since starting the B2B Biz Launcher, my confidence has received a steroid shot. I fully expect my income to soar as high as my belief in my business, because now I have the tools to kick doubt to the curb. The investment in this program was one of the best business decisions I've ever made.

Wendy Dorfmeier Wendy Dorfmeier, Akron, OH

Ed's B2B Biz Launcher program provided me the focus to launch my business. His advice and expertise guided me throughout the process. By breaking the steps into manageable sections I accomplished more than I thought possible. And with Crystal to help with the technology - well that's icing on the cake! Thank you Ed and Crystal for making this possible."

Jeffrey Trull Jeffrey Trull, Portland, OR

I'd recommend this program for anyone who struggles to get writing clients and doesn't know what to do about it. The biggest benefit for me was learning a proven strategy for finding new developing leads and then turning these leads into paying clients. Instead of feeling like getting new clients is out of my hands, I now feel in control and can take action to reach my goals thanks to B2B Launcher.

Holly Helscher Holly Helscher, Owner, Information Marketing to Businesses

I signed up with Biz Launcher because the step-by-step process seemed ideal for where I was with my business. The course exceeded all my expectations. I learned the practical skills I needed to grow my B2B business.

Each segment was presented in a clear, logical fashion. The actions were manageable, so I could keep up, especially since implementation weeks were built into the program. I was very impressed with Ed Gandia’s accessibility. Even though I was part of a group, I felt he worked with me one-on-one. Thanks to Biz Launcher I secured clients while I was still in the program! Their fees more than paid for the course. That return on my investment will grow as I continue using Biz Launcher’s solid methods.

I recommend this course to anyone who is serious about their entrepreneurship.

Here's a summary of what you'll learn and implement week by week...

  • Week 1: Position Yourself for Success

  • We're going to work together to bring your real, unique value to the surface ... and determine how to best communicate the most impressive points.
  • Believe me, you HAVE real value to offer. You just need to learn how to communicate that value.
  • We're going to develop a core message you can start using in your own marketing communications and in conversations with prospects.
  • We're also going to go over how to communicate what you do to people who have no idea what copywriting or content writing is all about ... but who can possibly refer you to potential prospects they know personally.
  • By the end of week 1, you'll have a clear foundational message you can work with. In fact, I'll help you to make sure you have the strongest, most compelling message possible!

  • Week 2: Implementation Time + LIVE Coaching Call

  • I want you to do this right. So I've included a lot of implementation time in this program.
  • This is the perfect time to finish your positioning and messaging homework.
  • Crystal (my director of operations) and I will hold a LIVE coaching call during week #2 to answer any questions and provide any technical or strategic support you may need.
  • We'll be available in the forums to help answer any website support questions you may have (more on that later).

  • Week 3: Create Your Marketing Hub

  • I'll show you how to create a website that's both simple and polished. And you're going to do that in record time. That way you can start getting results quickly!
  • You're going to take the messages you created in week #1 and flesh those out into marketing copy.
  • And you're going to end up with something that will have prospects feeling comfortable about you and your abilities BEFORE they even talk to you.
  • Crystal and I will walk through every step of this process. And Crystal will walk you through a series of screen-capture videos that will show you exactly how to set up your site and how to upload your copy to your website.
  • You DON'T need to be tech-savvy to do this. We'll keep it very simple, and we'll show you how to launch a website that looks extremely polished and professional quickly and with minimal hassle.
  • If you already have a website this session will still be very useful. You'll learn how to adjust what you have now so that it's more powerful and speaks directly to your best prospects.

  • Weeks 4 and 5: Implementation Time

  • During these two weeks you'll work on finalizing your copy and your website. We've found that it really helps to have this buffer time at this point in the program.
  • Crystal and I will be in the forum answering questions and providing feedback.

  • Week 6: Create Your "First Round" List + Live Coaching Call

  • I'm going to walk you through a step-by-step process to building your "launch list."
  • You'll learn an easy way to get this done that's simple ... stress-free ... and will possibly turn up prospects you didn't even know existed.
  • I'm going to give you some shortcuts, including my "List Kickstarted Matrix."
  • This tool will drastically simplify your list-building efforts while enabling you to prioritize your outreach.
  • And by the end of this week, you'll have a solid list of prospects and referral sources to contact.
  • Plus I'll do a LIVE coaching call this week to answer your questions, coach you through any challenges you might be facing, give you feedback on your prospecting efforts, and more.

  • Week 7: Learn How to Prospect with "Warm Emails"

  • After this session, you'll know exactly how to craft short, powerful and inviting email messages...
  • And that enable you to start a productive dialogue with good prospects.
  • We'll cover the art of "warm email prospecting." And I'll show you how to craft "launch emails" that generate interested prospects and referrals.

  • Week 8: Prospect for Quick Wins

  • You'll discover how to create a prospecting plan that yields results fast ... yet is also well aligned with your own goals and time constraints.
  • You'll discover the best approach to use for each prospect category.
  • You'll learn how to approach your prospecting with "quick wins" in mind.
  • And you'll see why this is much "healthier" than the standard approach many experts teach.
  • You'll learn how to follow up with non-respondents ... and what to say and do with those who DO respond.
  • You'll learn how to track your activity. And I'll show you how to set up a basic prospect tracking system that will help you stay on top of your efforts.

  • Week 9: Qualify, Quote and Close the Deal
    (Part I)

  • You have the prospect on the phone. Now what??!! By the end of week 9 you'll know exactly what exact questions to ask.
  • You'll also learn how to limit what you ask so you get just the info you need and not waste the prospect's time or YOUR time.
  • I'll show you how to deal with tricky questions. And how to make the prospect feel comfortable about you and the value you can provide.
  • You'll discover how to screen incoming prospects to ensure you have a good fit.
  • You'll learn how to price projects strategically and profitably. In fact, I'll share my own master fee schedule. And I'll show you how to adjust your figures if you're just starting out.
  • Just as important, you'll learn how to present your fees professionally ... and how to increase your chances of getting a "Let's do this!" from your prospect.

  • Week 10: Qualify, Quote and Close the Deal
    (Part II)

  • What should your fee agreement say? And what terms and conditions should you include to avoid potential problems? I'll show you the basic information to include.
  • And let's say that you've sent in your quote and fee agreement... now what? When should you follow up? How often? What if you get no response?
  • What do you do with prospects that delay the project? Should you ask for a deposit? When ... and how much?
  • What should your payment terms be to minimize problems and speed up payments?
  • And what if the prospect balks at your price? How do you react? Should you negotiate?
  • I'm going to cover all those questions (and their answers) in this week's session. That way you're armed with what you need to know to tackle these situations with confidence.

  • Week 11: Implementation Time + LIVE Coaching Call

This week we're going to take a break from the training. Because you're going to go on a prospecting blitz!

In fact, we're going to start moving more aggressively into prospecting.

You will have already done quite a bit of early-stage prospecting by this point. But now we're going to take it up a notch.

So in this last phase of the program, a big part of your time will be spent prospecting ... refining your execution plan ... and getting direct feedback from me during our live coaching call.

Hopefully you'll have a client by this point. So I need to give you time to work on client projects.

Which is why I've built in more periods of implementation time at this point.

  • Week 12: Warm Email Prospecting Case Studies + Advanced Execution Plans

This week we'll take a deeper dive into warm email prospecting.

  • I'll share advanced strategies, campaign maps and execution plans, now that you've been practicing this strategy for a few weeks.
  • I'll also share some email prospecting case studies from the trenches.
  • These success stories will arm you with more practical ideas ... and give you the inspiration you need to keep taking action.

  • Week 13: Implementation Time

Here again, I'm going to give you time to put the prospecting ideas into play.  And to work on any client projects you might have landed by this point.

  • Week 14: Smart Inbound Marketing Strategies

By this point, you're well on your way to generating good leads and maybe even working with a client or two.

So this week we'll discuss how to build on this initial foundation for long-term success.

  • I'll teach you 5 low-tech, and proven and underused ways to land more clients.
  • You'll learn how to network better and smarter ... even if you're an introvert
  • We'll talk about how to find hidden opportunity with existing clients ...
  • How to partner strategically with other freelancers ...
  • And how to approach design firms and marketing agencies to diversify your portfolio and your income.

  • Week 15: Implementation Time + LIVE Coaching Call

This week is all about deploying the first steps of your chosen inbound marketing strategy...

As well as working on client projects (if any) ... and continued prospecting.

I'll be available in the forum to answer questions and give you feedback as you deploy some of these ideas (I'll tell you more about the forum in a minute).

We'll also have a live coaching call where we can discuss your questions in detail, talk through any issues and give you personalized feedback on anything you'd like.

  • Week 16: How to Find Immediate Project Opportunities with Both Prospects and Clients

This week I'll go over 41 proven (yet overlooked!) ideas for landing profitable work quickly.

Now that you're hopefully moving right along and gaining solid momentum, you'll want to keep that up.

So we'll focus on quick, ready-made ideas to land work fast.

This lesson alone could change your business in a dramatic way. You'll learn ideas and strategies you can continue to deploy as you grow and scale your business in the coming months and years.

  • Week 17: LIVE
    Coaching Call

As we wrap up our work together, I'll hold an extra coaching call to go through any remaining questions or scenarios.

Now that you're hopefully working with a client or two, your questions will very likely be different.

How do I respond to a client who changes the scope of work midway through the project?

How do I price X project?

I landed a white paper opportunity. How much time should I budget for research, interviews, writing, editing, etc.? What questions should I ask the client? How should I approach the project?

Whatever your questions, I'll be there to address them live ... and to talk through different scenarios and ideas with you.

I only wish I would have had this kind of access to a seasoned pro when I was getting started!

Other Bonuses and Extras

  • Members-Only Portal

    A private 24/7 members area containing all of the training materials, training session replays, Q&A call recordings and all other program files. You have lifetime access to all of this material.

  • Private Discussion Forum

    Access to a private, closed-door Facebook forum where you can ask questions and get direct answers (and feedback) from me.

    I’m personally in the forum at least every other businessday.  And I answer every single question and provide feedback to everyone who requests it.

    Aside from being a place to ask questions and get direct feedback from me, this forum is also a great opportunity to connect with all your fellow students.  It’s designed to receive support, get encouragement and feedback, and gain new friendships.

    (Value: Priceless!)

Program Structure

B2B Biz Launcher 2.0 runs for four months, starting on June 6.

Training sessions will be released Tuesday mornings during the weeks when they're scheduled (starting June 6th). These will be pre-recorded and available on demand.

That way you can just listen to them at your convenience.  (I've tried to limit the number of scheduled items during this program.  That way you have more flexibility around when you consume the material). Sessions will run 45 – 75 minutes, depending on the topic.

Coaching calls will be held monthly on the following days:

  • June 15 at 1:00 pm Eastern Time
  • July 20 at 1:00 pm Eastern Time
  • August 17 at 1:00 pm Eastern Time
  • September 14 at 1:00 pm Eastern Time
  • September 28 at 1:00 pm Eastern Time

Your Investment

I don't use the word "investment" lightly (I know it's become a cute substitute for words like "cost" or "price").

But in this case, I truly believe this experience is an important investment in yourself and your business.

In fact, if you don't see it that way, this is not for you.

But let's get down to the numbers...

First off, if we were to try and buy this training my fee would be $3,000 just to give you access to the 10 training sessions you get in this program. Then again, this training is not available anywhere else.

Plus, that $3,000 fee would NOT include any of the extras you get here, such as the monthly coaching calls and group discussions. And it does not include "ask me anything" access via the online forum.

Conservatively, these extras are worth another $2,000. So that puts us at $5,000 total. Which is not far off from how I normally price this program (B2B Biz Launcher was a $4,500 program until very recently).

However, my goal is to help create some serious success stories with this coaching experience. So I want to make this a no-brainer for those who are ready to make something big happen in their businesses.

That's why I'm not charging anywhere near $5,000.

Right now, you can enroll in B2B Biz Launcher 2.0 for just 6 monthly installments of $384 ...

Or you can save $307 by making just ONE payment of $1,997.

Choose your payment option below
to get started:

Option A

6 payments

  • 6 monthly payments of $384
  • 30 days apart
  • 10 detailed lessons
  • 6 coaching calls
  • Access to Ed in private forum
  • Early access to first 2 lessons
  • LIFETIME access
Option B

One Payment

  • One-time payment of $1,997
  • (save $307)
  • 10 detailed lessons
  • 6 coaching calls
  • Access to Ed in private forum
  • Early access to first 2 lessons
  • LIFETIME access

What it's like working with Ed...

Janet M. McSwain, P.E., Water Solutions B2B

Ed, what else can I say ... except that you are the BEST business mentor EVER!  I have to admit, after almost 35 years in the corporate world, making the transition to freelancer has been daunting.  It would be nice if landing work was as easy as putting up a website and waiting by the computer for the requests to come pouring in.  But it’s not – it takes work, but even more important, it takes a plan.   Ed’s programs and his private mentoring helped break down the process into manageable bits, pulling me out of overwhelm and giving me the tools to move forward with confidence.  Grab the chance to work with him.  You won’t be sorry.

Larry Elkan Larry Elkan, Sarasota, Florida

Ed Ganda is one of the best copywriting coaches I have met to date, especially in the area of B2B. As an experienced copywriter himself he knows from the inside out what he teaches others. His material is timely, current and complete. Ed takes a genuine concern that his students do well. He is also a really down to earth friendly guy.

Ted Goldwyn Ted Goldwyn, Corning, NY

Ed is an amazing coach! His innovative and practical business-building methods were exactly what I needed at this early stage, and his warm, genuine personality really clicked with me and the rest of our group. I highly encourage any new or aspiring B2B copy/content writer to consider signing up for this detailed and content-rich course!


Malinda Meeks Malinda Meeks, Preston, CT

I was at a stand still with my business and not sure which direction to go. By working with Ed I now have an actionable plan that is giving results fast. Well worth the time and investment. Thank you Ed.

Clyde Bearss Clyde Bearss, Franklin, TN

Ed delivers essential and practical information that will definitely shorten the time period between launching your writing business and seeing it prosper.

Tim Dietrich, Midlothian, VA

Ed's coaching was a game changer for me. It helped me to realize that I wasn't running my business, but instead, it was running me. It was through Ed's ideas, shared experiences, and suggestions that I was able to get a handle on things, and start to put together a strategic plan for turning my business around. Since working with Ed, my business has evolved, and continues to evolve to this day. I can honestly say that a lot of the positive changes that I've been making over the past year have been a result of working with Ed. I truly appreciate the opportunity that I had to work with him, and I'm hoping to work with him again in the future.

Kent Bridgeman, Chicago, IL

When I started with Ed, I had zero paid clients, no solid leads, and no confidence that I could actually make it at as a freelancer. I just finished my last session with Ed a few weeks ago and now I have three paying clients and my confidence is through the roof. Ed showed me what I was doing wrong and gently guided me to a more effective version of my business (and myself). With Ed, I got more than a coach, I got a mentor.

Theodora Schiro Theodora Schiro, Florence, Arizona

I never would have successfully launched my business without Ed's help. His step by step guidance and support along with well organized course materials were just what I needed.

Gary McEntee, Sanford, North Carolina

Ed's coaching program is the final step to making everything work as a true business.

Ryan Hernandez, Los Angeles, CA

I decided to make an investment in my business by getting a coach. And of all the decisions I've made since the launch of my business, I can say that purchasing a spot in the B2B Biz Launcher program was the most useful and most valuable thing I've done. I'm very happy with what I learned and looking forward to going over the material a second time.

Deb Monfette, Windham, NH

Thanks so much for all your help the last few months. It was huge for me. Working with you has given me the clear direction and motivation I needed to get my business on the right track. You encouraged me to push myself, but you always did this in a very positive and encouraging way.

Hal Partenheimer, Midland, TX

Ed's attention to details and the generosity with which he shares them first rate. I can't think of a better subtitle for this course than "Hidden Gold". Brings to mind the "The Wizard of Oz" classic - "Follow The Yellow Brick Road", all the way to becoming a wealthy freelancer!

Ryan Hernandez, Los Angeles, CA

"I decided to make an investment in my business by getting a coach. And of all the decisions I've made since the launch of my business, I can say that purchasing a spot in the B2B Biz Launcher program was the most useful and most valuable thing I've done. I'm very happy with what I learned and looking forward to going over the material a second time."

Choose your payment option below
to get started:

Option A

6 payments

  • 6 monthly payments of $384
  • 30 days apart
  • 10 detailed lessons
  • 6 coaching calls
  • Access to Ed in private forum
  • Early access to first 2 lessons
  • LIFETIME access
Option B

One Payment

  • One-time payment of $1,997
  • (save $307)
  • 10 detailed lessons
  • 6 coaching calls
  • Access to Ed in private forum
  • Early access to first 2 lessons
  • LIFETIME access

Give Your Freelance Business a Real Chance at Success

Look ... if you were starting a traditional brick-and-mortar business, you'd probably get some help, wouldn't you?

If it were a franchise, you'd have help, training and support from the corporate office.

If it were a true mom-and-pop, you'd take some classes ... get help from the experts at the Small Business Administration ... or even hire a veteran entrepreneur to coach you.

So why would you attempt to launch a freelance venture all on your own?

This is not a "just add water" business. The failure rate is just as high as any other category.

You need to know what you're doing to get business in the door. Because, frankly, there are a TON of things you can do wrong.

That's where I can help you.

If you're serious about launching a successful B2B/commercial writing business, do it the right way. Enroll in B2B Biz Launcher 2.0 today. Let me personally mentor you through the fastest and safest path to commercial writing success.

And let's work together to make 2017 the year you finally become a successful freelance B2B writer.

To your success,


Ed Gandia
International Freelancers Academy
Co-author, The Wealthy Freelancer
The High-Income Business Writing podcast

P.S. -- Still Have Questions? Here Are the Most Common Questions I've Received So Far

Here are some of the most common questions I've received since word of this program got out...

What's your refund policy for this program?

I'll be blunt. I don't guarantee results. In fact, no one can do that. (And if they DO, hold on to your wallet and run for the hills!)

I'm committed to giving you all the tools, roadmaps, step-by-step direction and support you'll need to launch a very successful commercial writing business.

I'll be there to hold your hand through every step of this exciting process. And I'll work with you to help you implement these strategies effectively.

But ultimately YOU are 100% responsible for your success.

You're the only one who can take action on these ideas, put in the hard work, stay on track, maintain focus, and bring a "can do" attitude to your launch and to your work.

As I've mentioned, this is not a done-for-you, "just add water" system for success. So if you’re expecting B2B Biz Launcher 2.0 to magically solve your problems or make you money with little effort, please do NOT sign up.

Getting your freelance business off the ground takes hard work. Landing clients will require you to hustle. It's not easy. So you need to be ready for that kind of effort.

Having said that, my refund policy is simple...

Within 30 days of the start of the program, if you do the work and don’t feel I've delivered on my promise, I'll happily refund 100% of your money.

However, in order to be eligible for a refund you must submit your completed homework for the first two modules within 30 days of the start of the program.

Here's why...

I'm confident that if you do the work, you will achieve results in your business. And believe me, I want a ton of success stories to come out of this program. And I'd love nothing more than for YOU to be one of them! So I'm challenging you to think differently, to behave differently and to become the professional you’re meant to be.

My team and I put a tremendous amount of time and energy into this program. You need to match that energy. I have a zero tolerance policy for tire kickers or people who think success will just magically happen with minimal work. If this makes you uncomfortable, or if it's not acceptable, I respect that. But please do not apply for this program.

Why is the program so long?

We have a lot of material to cover. And I want to give you plenty of room to consume AND implement these ideas and strategies. Yes, I could do a lesson every week for 10 weeks. But that would be crazy-intense. And you'd be overwhelmed quickly.

I'd rather you have some time to digest and apply this material. And I've seen the power of having group Q&A and discussion. So I want to make time for that kind of interaction as well.

What if I can't attend some of the sessions?

I’ve designed this program for busy people.  That’s why instead of holding training sessions live on specific days and times (which forces you to be by your computer or phone during those times), I’m instead going to pre-record each training session and make it available to you on demand. That way you can just listen to it at your convenience, which gives you more flexibility around when you consume the material.

You'll have password-protected access to a student portal that contains all session recordings, handouts and transcripts. And you'll have LIFETIME ACCESS to all those sessions and resources.

Prefer to read or skim the material? You'll be happy to hear that I'm not only including helpful handouts, I'm also throwing in word-for-word transcripts of every session.

And by the way ... these are not your typical transcripts. They're neatly organized and laid out with headers, bullets and illustrations. Which makes it much easier to reference, consume and retain the material.

What if I don't like working in a group?

Then this program will not be for you. Yes, I'm providing the training material and driving most of the discussions. But there will be tremendous value in the group interactions.

Also, keep in mind that everyone in the group will be in the same boat. They're either just now launching their freelance writing business, or they're trying to revive a struggling freelance practice.

You'll learn a ton from the questions and comments others post in the forum or bring up during our coaching calls. And you'll get valuable feedback from other participants who can see things you can't see, because you're too close to your own stuff (we ALL are!).

What if I have questions between coaching calls? Where and how can I get answers?

You’ll get access to a private, closed-door Facebook forum where you can ask questions and get direct answers (and feedback) from me.

I'm personally in the forum at least every other business day. And I answer every single question and provide feedback to everyone who requests it. So don’t worry, I’ll be there to support you as you have questions or need feedback.

Aside from being a place to connect with me, this forum is also a great opportunity to connect with all your fellow students. It’s designed to receive support, get encouragement and feedback, and gain new friendships. It’s one of the top-rated elements of this program.


Les Worley Les Worley, Dallas, TX

I couldn’t have done it without you, Ed. Had I done this on my own, it would probably have taken me several years to get to where I am today with your help.

Brenda White, Houston, TX

If you're new to the business of copywriting, then you're like me. Having taken this course helped my confidence and lack of direction. The coaching sessions are invaluable because everyone is unique and no course can address all situations. The group coaching sessions will give you opportunity to address any specific concerns.

Mark Soroka , Pittsburgh, PA

Ed Gandia's B2B Launcher Program has kick-started my freelance writing business. The ideas are easy to follow and really work! Thanks, Ed, for sharing your expertise with me and guiding me down the right path.

Ted Goldwyn, Corning, NY

Ed is an amazing coach! His innovative and practical business-building methods were exactly what I needed at this early stage, and his warm, genuine personality really clicked with me and the rest of our group. I highly encourage any new or aspiring B2B copy/content writer to consider signing up for this detailed and content-rich course!

Marygwyn Horneck Marygwyn Horneck, Huntsville, AL

I now have the framework and the confidence necessary to start and run my business profitably. This is the best purchase I have made so far this year. I highly recommend this course.

Claire Bulman Claire Bulman, London, UK

A big thank you for your help on the course. The course was very practical and your support at each step was invaluable. I have my first clients through what you taught me, and have a number of meetings with prospects lined up. Also your advice once I got those first clients was spot on. I look forward to working with you again in the future. All the best.

Clyde Bearss Clyde Bearss, Nashville, TN

Ed delivers essential and practical information that will definitely shorten the time period between launching your writing business and seeing it prosper.

Milt Trosper Milt Trosper, Payson, AZ

Ed's background and experience definitely added to the program! Most enjoyable! Very insightful and informative!